5 Best Job Hunting Tips to Help You Find a Job

Job Hunting Tips

5 Best Job Hunting Tips You Need to Use to Find a Job

If you are heading to your graduation and have not managed to secure a job yet, do not panic. There is still time to do the job hunting. Below are the 5 best tips that will help you during your job hunting stage.

Make sure your CV sells you and your skills

Creating a great CV is the first step you need to take. Make sure it’s a good one because it will act as the first impression of you to your prospective employer.Make sure your CV is properly formatted, with a correct layout and no grammar errors. It is important that you have relevant skills. Highlight any be volunteering roles you have held, especially if you don’t have much experience. Recruiters really don’t have much time to check all the applications that they receive for jobs. They will mostly dismiss CVs with mistakes.

Utilize a wide range of job hunting tools

Don’t limit yourself to only applying for jobs over social media. Vary the way you are applying for jobs – the more your name is out there, the more chance there is of you finding your perfect job. Make sure you put your CV visible online (to as many job sites), also consider sending applications directly to the employers, using social media and registering with a trusted and good agency. Setting up a LinkedIn profile is also a great way to start building your professional network. Ask your friends and families if they know anyone hiring, or any connections at companies you would like to work for. Using a combination of methods will hopefully lead you to a great role.


Polish your cover letter

Cover letters are important parts of job applications, even though some jobs require them.  When they do, you should follow a few simple rules to put one together. Make sure your cover letter does not just repeat your CV, let it be specific for each job application. Always ask someone to check it for grammar mistakes. Your cover letter should state where you saw the position, the role you are applying for and maybe two paragraphs about why  you’d be a best fit for the position.  A great cover letter should fill in any gaps on your CV and include more of your personality. So, this simply means you should take some time when creating your cover letter.

Always keep your phone on

There is so much competition for jobs nowadays. It is most likely that you won’t be successful with every application you send and sometimes you won’t hear back from recruiters if you’re not shortlisted. Don’t give up or lose hope – consistency is key when it comes to looking for that perfect role.  Keep sending applications, do research on graduate schemes and consistency in your approach to finding a job. Make sure you’re polite with your applications and follow up calls. One more important thing! Keep your phone on and be available as much as possible – You don’t want to miss that important call.


Keep your social media clean

Social media is prevalent in everyone’s day to day lives, employers often search for prospective candidates online to check their background before inviting them to the interview. So, it is important to make sure that your social media accounts don’t contain anything which may paint you in a bad way! Avoid bad language or make your accounts are private as they can be to anyone you haven’t approved.  There are companies that have previously rejected candidates based on their social media presence, so take this serious.




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