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Coming Up on Uzalo,Amos To Fall For The Trap and Die [See How]

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Coming Up on Uzalo Episodes

Uzalo is one of the most-watched mzansi drama series and it has always kept viewers glued to their television screens. Lately, more episodes were focused on Amos storyline. Thank goodness the Amos storyline has finally come to an end because the TV Shows fans were getting bored now. Just like Kama-Donstela on Imbewu, the new Amos was actually the worst replacement. 

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So this is What will happen on Uzalo

Nkunzi came out as the winner once again against a man who was sent by his enemies to destroy him but we should give credit to Nosipho who did her level best working as an undercover agent.

However, it’s so much sad that Nkunzi’s stepdaughter, Nosipho always becomes the sacrificial lamb when his enemies attack.

Nosipho came up with a proposal to go on a picnic with Amos in the absence of his goons and he agreed to it because he thought this is his only chance of killing him not knowing his day has come.

Nkunzi will just pitch up at the picnic venue with Sbuda. Nosipho will also be carrying a gun with her meaning they will be able to overpower Amos.

Amos will get a hock of his life once he realises that the picnic is a trap.

He will die at the spot and Nkunzi will bury his body to avoid police investigations.

Let’s continue watching Uzalo episodes to see all this happening.


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