Jessica Nkosi reveals how hurt she is

Jessica Nkosi

Jessica Nkosi reveals how hurt she is .


Jessica Nkosi born 20 January 1990 is a South African actress and TV presenter best known for her leading roles in M-net commissioned telenovels Isibaya,Ayeye and recently The Queen .

Despite how hot your content is haters will always have something negative to say .

Jessica Nkosi is not a fan of social media trolls who live to make others miserable by putting focus on their body insecurities.

Jessica Nkosi opened up about how much it hurts when body shammers decide to be mean and bully her about her body flaws that she is well aware of but is trying to embrace.

The Queen actress went on to mention that the block button on every social media app has become her saving grace but that still doesn’t make the bullying any less hurtful and painful.

Nkosi said that she is well aware of her imperfections and it’s hard enough living through them everyday, but the hate that trolls throw towards her doesn’t make it any better and she very happy about the block button but everything does hurt .


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