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Lady Zamar is in big trouble

Lady Zamar

Lady Zamar is in big trouble

Durban Musician Lady Zamar had found herself in deep trouble after the case of rape she opened against Sjava was thrown out of court . 

It was reported that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA)  has thrown off the case of Sjava due to lack of evidence , now the collide hitmaker is in deep trouble with social .

When South Africa learned of this new revelation .Lady Zamar is also experience another wave of social media bullying this #ladyZamarMustFall started gaining momentum and the attack were thrown on Lady Zamar .

The media said it clear from the onset that Sjava was innocent and Lady Zamar had falsely accused him .They said that her actions were based on jealousy after she discovered that Umama hitmaker having another lady in his life .

To all the discovery Lady Zamar then opened a case of rape against Sjava which she said it took place years back however details of this case do not correspond as there are lot of things that does not add up to the story .

South Africans cancelled Lady Zamar and said that all her music should not be played on the radio like it happened to Sjava . They pleaded with event organisers and promoters to exclude Lady Zamar from events ,pointed out that they will boycott any event with Lady Zamar in it .

Despite everything ,criticism against Lady Zamar she received support from other people .


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