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Mamlambo is way richer than we thought


Mamlambo is way richer than we thought 

Gugu gumede who plays the role of Mamlambo on the soapie. There’s quite a lot of things you probably didn’t know about the famous actor, but this article will help you get to know her a little better.

We all have that favorite soapie right, and if it turns out that your favorite soapie is Uzalo then this is an article you should probably read because it will help you get to know some of your favorite Uzalo actors.

Gugu Gumede is actually quite younger than you thought, but the role she plays on the soapie is about 40 years old while she is only 28 years old.

Gugu has proven to many fans of Uzalo that she can actually perfect the role of Mamlambo even though she’s way younger than the character she plays.

As you’ve seen on this article’s title .Gugu actually has way more money than we thought, her networth is not really stated yet, her lifestyle clearly proves that she is way richer than most actors in South Africa. Gugu owns a R2 million rand car which is a Range Rover and she lives in a house that most people can’t or won’t afford in their lives.

Gugu has been trending on social media for showing off her shoe collection which she probably spent some insane amount on. Even though we don’t much about her net worth, the things she owns prove that Gugu Gumede is much richer than we thought.


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