Nyan' Nyan

Nyan’ Nyan 17 September 2019 Full Episode YouTube [Simphiwe and Bonolo]

Nyan' Nyan 17 September 2019 Full Episode YouTube Video

Nyan’ Nyan 17 September 2019 Full Episode YouTube Video

Have you missed the latest Nyan’ Nyan 17 September 2019 Simphiwe and Bonolo Full HD Episode?. Don’t worry we’ve got you. Watch your favourite show Nyan’ Nyan 17 September 2019. The South African reality show Today episode Online.

 Find Nyan’ Nyan Full Episode video below

What is Nyan’ Nyan all about?

Nyan’ Nyan’ is an emotive reality show produced by Aviwe BDS for SABC 1. The show deals with real people, real relationships and real issues. In addition, the focus of the show is on romantic relationships and secrets that people keep from their l.

The participants of the tv show are people who want to confess the truth to their partner. This is due to the fact that the show believes that the truth shall set them free.

However, the purpose of the show is not to destroy relationships. But, to strengthen them by dealing with secrets and hence developing trust. We see all this even on Nyan’ Nyan 17 September 2019 episode.

A happy ending is not always going to be the outcome. Most importantly, the show provides individuals with the opportunity to fix what is broken. This is done by giving them relationship-building tasks towards rebuilding their relationship.

The confession takes place in the Nyan’Nyan confession-mobile. In addition, there is a psychologist or counsellor that is always on standby to prepare and motivate the confessor. Most importantly, the psychologist will provide post assistance after the secret has been revealed.

The show is hosted by newcomer Luyanda Potwana. He travels all over the country looking for people who want to confess to their partners.

Who is Luyanda Potwana?

Luyanda Potwana is a South African tv presenter well known for hosting the SABC1 youth reality series Nyan’ Nyan.

Potwana knew from a young age that he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Therefore, after completing his matric in 2005, he packed his bags and left East London for Johannesburg.

He paid his needs from working as an extra on shows. For instance, shows such as Isidingo and Generations to doing voice-overs for radio jingles and SABC1 promos.

Further, he also worked as a Herbalife distributor and as a petrol pump assistant.

Luyanda believes that a relationship that is based on trust, honesty and respect can stand any test.

Above all, Potwana also believes that such a relationship will survive any problems it might encounter in future.

Originally from East London, he currently resides in Johannesburg.

When does Nyan’ Nyan air?

Nyan’ Nyan airs every Tuesday from 21:30 on SABC 1

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