SASSA R350 Grant: Here’s What You’ll Need To Collect From The Post Office

SASSA R350 Grant

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If you’re one of the people whom their SASSA R350 grant is not being directly deposited into their bank account and you need to visit the Post Office, check out what you’ll need.SASSA) has, on Thursday 30 July, outlined what beneficiaries of the R350 grant will need in order to collect their funds from the Post Office. 

As we all know, some of the SASSA R350 grant beneficiaries receive the R350 into their bank accounts, while others have to go and collect it straight at Post Office which could cause some havoc. In order to avoid the havoc, SASSA has outlined exactly what you’ll need to successfully retrieve those funds.

Below’ What You’ll Need To Collect The SASSA R350 Grant From Post Office

This is R350 grant beneficiaries

  • You will need to have your original ID card/book to collect your social grant from the Post Office;
  • Birth certificates, ID copies or affidavits are not allowed;
  • SASSA has also mentioned that the Department of Home Affairs is now open for temporary ID applications, therefore, this means a temporary ID will also be accepted.

SASSA also said R350 grant payments for those who receive their money through the Post Office would be done progressively throughout the month just so they can limit the number of people who visit the Post Offices on a daily basis.

“Beneficiaries are reminded that they should only visit the post office once they have received an SMS saying their money has been paid in and is ready for collection,” it said.